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Enriching Life Through Horses and Equine Facilitated Learning—The Jen and Mindy Show

Dec 6, 2022

Our 20th EPISODE!!!! Congratulations, we made it to two digits!!! For this special episode, join Jen and Mindy as they visit the conversation surrounding Jack, the turkey. What can Jack teach us about loving from afar, and letting go in order to love better? What is the correlation between love and self care? Listen and...

Jan 29, 2022

Jen and MIndy continue to discuss creating a fresh appraoch to 2022. Mindy took the lead in sharing some practical and down to earth practices she has developed in her life to care for herself and her horses. We touched upon how self discipline, accountability and self awareness allows us to show up and BE of service....

Jan 21, 2022

Discover some parallels of how horses aid us in maneuvering life as an adult. And, how they help us as parents as we assist our children. Jen and Mindy end with "how to" strategies via poet Mary Oliver's "One and Precious Life Concept."

Nov 10, 2021

Join Jen and Mindy as they discuss several topics...Jen's experience surviving Covid, "the Vid" as it is called. Mindy's time with her students, which is a way of service as well as a way of changing lives. 

Horses see the unseen, and hear the unheard, which is why collaborating with them can be so beneficial for us. So...

Jul 23, 2021

Join Jen and Mindy as Mindy discusses "Twinkie," a wonderful horse who was in her life and deeply affected the life of the young woman who owned him. 

Learn how, in our quest for freedom and trust, we have an impact on those around us. "How we show up in the little moments is how we create a legacy. Start appreciating...